The main event, "The Silver King" 

Nowhere in the world are your chances of landing a tarpon of 200lbs more likely than Tarponville! 
Feel the pure power of these fish as they inhale your fly and immediately explode out of the water instantly peeling fly line and backing from the reel at blistering speeds!


Spend a day exploring the manrgove lined banks of Gondoca Lagoon searching for baby Tarpon, Snook and Snapper!


Fish our local beaches and reefs for the often seen "Tailing Triggers". Great fish to add to the species list and you'll quickly see what it feels like to become Trigger Happy"! 

Tarponville Grans Slam - Tarpon, Jack, Trigger- same day!! 
(Get your free Gand Slam signiture cocktail offered for all grand slams)


Although tarpon is our main event you may encounter a variety of other fish such as Jacks, Triggers, King fish, Mahi Mahi, and more.


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