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About Us

The History of Tarponville

Tarponville was established by Jim and Ann Diberardinis in 2001. Jim and Ann have been a part of the community since 1989. Ann formed and started the non-profit “Talamanca Dolphin Foundation” in Manzanillo in 1998. This lead to visitation form student groups and internships of students and the need to train local guides in conducting tours for the Dolphin. These are the same guides that still work for Tarponville now. During the conducting of student studies and working along side of Ann with the Dolphin Foundation, Jim couldn't help but take notice of the abundance of Tarpon that populated the waters near by. Being form Montana and growing up as a fly fisherman. Jim could not resist the temptation of putting a hook into these massive Tarpon that he was seeing. The Dolphin foundation accomplished many of their goals, and has now been largely inactive since 2005, leading and making way to what is now Tarponville.  Tarponville has become the only full service fishing lodge in the area let a lone the entire southern part of the Carribean.  Spending years training guides and exploring local waters, Jim has pioneered and developed what is now known as the most pristine tarpon fishery in Costa Rica.  

Tarponville was sold and taken over by Mark Martin and his wife Stacie Martin in the beginning of 2014 to give Jim and Ann more time to spend with there new grand kid and and to allow them to start enjoying the "retired life".  Mark and Stacie are honored to be a part of what Jim and Ann have created for the community of Manzanillo and the people who inhabit the area.  To this day you can still see the impact that Jim and Ann have had on the community with teaching English to the local kids and training and teaching the local panga captains to become small business owners for themselves.

The Team

mark and stacy

Mark & Staci

The Owners/ Hosts - Mark and Stacie Martin

Mark and Stacie reside in San Diego Ca during the off season of Tarponville. Mark is certified boat captain and owns and operates San Diego Saltwater Fly Fishing. Mark is a dedicated fly fisherman and spends 135+ days a year on the water with clients and friends. During the season you will be hosted by Mark to help you with any questions you may have on fishing techniques, fishing gear or just want to talk fish. Mark is also part of the media group “angler’s eye media” and continues to stay involved in fishing media. Mark is also on the Pro Staff at Hatch reels always putting there reels and equipment to the test. 

tarponville huge tarpon fish

Rodolfo Goodman (Dolfi)

Lodge Manager - Rodolfo Goodman (Dolfi)

Dolfi was born in the small islands of Bocas Del Toro, Panama and moved to Manzanillo as a young boy at the age of 5 with his father, brother and sister. Dolfi has spent his adolescent years in Manzanillo starting his studies at the College Diurnal in Limon Costa Rica graduating at the age of 18.

Upon returning to Manzanilo and becoming a caretaker of a farm for the Leonel Pacheco family, Dolfi met Jim and Ann Diberardinis in 1989 becoming very good friends.  Jim and Ann watched Dolfi develope not only as a good friend but grow as a parent. Dolfi is the proud father of his daughter Thalia and son Anthony.

In 2000 Dolfi began working for Jim and Ann as the co-director for the Talamanca Dolphin Foundation. As the foundation  dissipated and Tarponville was born, Dolfi stayed on as the lodge manager and guest relations. His friendly and outgoing personality is a pleasure to be around. Dolfi will be involved in your stay form the moment you arrive to the moment you leave. 

tarponville huge tarpon fish

General Manager- Tyler Vandosdell

Tyler was born in western Arizona and began fly fishing as a teenager. He started by catching Bass, Bluegill, and Carp on a fly and then moved on to chasing trout all around the western United States. Living, working, and mostly fishing in Montana, Colorado, Utah, and finally California. Once in California he started salt water fly fishing and has not looked back. With a true love for all things fly fishing and adventure he is a great resource to have at Tarponville. Tyler is ready to help with a smile and make sure that your fly fishing adventure is one to remember! 

Future Manager- Miss Madelon

Madelon was born in San Diego, CA to Mark and Stacie Martin. Madelon started her love of fly fishing since the early age of 6 months, practicing her cast, while relaxing in her baby bjorn carrier, thanks to her daddy. Madelon caught her first Calico Bass at 14 months and looks forward to catching a Tarpon one day soon if her parents will let her out on the boat.  Madelon loves the ocean, nature, and all of God's creatures. Her goal in life is to one day manage Tarponville so her dad can fish other fisheries and retire early!

To meet the guides, please visit the guides bio’s

Other Team Members

Costa Verde Inn: https://www.costaverdeinn.com/
Costa Rica Shuttle: http://www.costaricashuttle.com/


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