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Welcome to Tarponville

Costa Rica's southern most fishing lodge located on the Caribbean coast. Located just above the border of Panama, Tarponville offers the best chance at some of the most powerful Tarpon you will ever encounter. Fishing shallow waters with intermediate and floating lines the excitement of these fish will leave you breathless…

For years, fishermen have heard rumors of large tarpon in great numbers on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, near the border with Panama.

Well, the "mother lode" has been found! After numerous trips, sportfishing specialists have now developed a fishing operation in this previously unknown sportfishing area. Tarpon weighing over 130 lb. have been landed on both lure and fly. Twenty hook-ups in a morning have been accomplished, and tarpon over 200 lb. have been landed on a fly! Furthermore, the fishing waters are situated in a wildlife and marine reserve, which insures management and protection of the fish and habitat.

The fishing in this region could set a new standard for tarpon and snook fishing, with new information about unfished lagoons and uninhabited coastline emerging every day. We have spent over 90 days in the past three years exploring these new tarpon and snook waters, with more still waiting to be explored. If you are looking for a real fishing adventure, English speaking guides, fish that have rarely seen a fly or lure, try the newest and most exciting locale in the Americas.

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"The Jungles Edge"- The quest for Costa Rica's first Grand Slam!

Tarponville is proud to be showcased in the new film "The Jungles Edge" by Anglers Eye Media and Capture films. There is a lot to be said about the amazing fishery located in the Southern Caribbean of Costa Rica, and this film verifies all that and some...

"The Jungles Edge" Trailer from Tarponville Fishing Lodge on Vimeo.

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