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Other Species

Tarpon will always be the main event here at Tarponville, but you will also encounter a variety of other fish, some intentionaly and unintentionaly.  Jack's will be  stocking the river mouth, competing with the Tarpon for the fly! Snook will be tucked tight into the river mouth waiting to ambush bait coming in with the tide.  At times you will  find bait jumping out of the water while the Jacks and King fish taunt them from below and eat as much sardine as they can fit in their stomachs.

On the other end of the spectrum, take some time to stock fish such as Trigger fish and Permit. Stalk and sight cast to Triggers on the reefs in front of the lodge or visit our Permit flat and chase those black tails for one of our early morning flats sessions. Grand slam?? Yes, add in a bonefish  to accomplish the donting task of catching a tarpon, permit and bone all it the one day.


These fish are our biggest bi-catch while fishing for Tarpon around the Sixoala River mouth. These aggressive and explosive fish will be so thick at times, that the Tarpon can’t even get to the fly!  Fish as large as 30 pounds can be caught and are surprisingly strong, even on a 12 wt.. 


Our snook fishery comes in few forms. While fishing in close to the river mouth for tarpon, you have a shot at some monster snook getting to the fly while you are fishing for Tarpon. Take a day fishing the Gondoca lagoon for snook anywhere from small fries to medium size fish.  Some of our beaches allong Gondoca beach can can also hold snook and be worth making some casts into.

Trigger Fish

Take the TRIGGER FISH CHALLENGE!! Test your stalking skills for tailing trigger fish on the shallow reef directly in front of the lodge. This is a fun game and can test your patience. With calm conditions you can find these fish either tailing on the reef or watch there backs move through the water while they dash from reef to reef in search of crabs and crustacians. In addition to the trigger fish, you can also incounter Parrot fish found on the same reefs.


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